Nice Things to Know About Sandbox

From time to time we at Sandbox receive letters from parents and former students. Below are some we’d like to share with you.  If you would like to share your thoughts with us, please go to our Contact Us page and enter your thoughts!

My memories of Sandbox go way back! I remember being so excited to go when I was 3, as my big sisters birthday guest and the teachers having to call my mom because I couldn’t stop crying! When it was finally my turn to go, I did a little better, but still had my moments when I cried. I loved going to school, I just needed my mom to be the 1st car in the pick-up line! To this day I still have a soft spot in my heart for the children who cry (because I was one of them-years ago). I loved math class and music. The teachers would pin your papers on the back of your shirt as you made your way from class to class. We always had a fun snack and I loved being able to pour my own juice! Every year at graduation, I love to share with my class that I was Winnie the Pooh in my Sandbox graduation!

When I decided that Early Childhood was where I belonged, I went back to Sandbox. When the owner and my former teacher, Sue Moustakas sat in on my interview and remembered my entire family that had attended so many years ago, I knew this was the school for me. When Sue visits my class now, we love to tell the kids how she used to be my teacher, and oh how I cried! The kids get such a kick out hearing that! They ask her every time they see her….tell us the story about Mrs. Casey!

What I love so much about Sandbox is how much it has changed yet stayed the same. We have grown as a school adding new programs and ideas, yet Sandbox has remained the same, with the same love, and attention that I received as a child. I could not imagine working in any other school. Sandbox is my home, I loved it when I was 4 and I continue to love it everyday!

My own children attended Sandbox and I am thrilled that they have the same wonderful memories that I have of preschool!

Casey Higgins Cannatello / Class of 77-78
Current Sandbox employee for 16 years, teaching 4-5 year old (senior) preschool

To our teachers:
We are great-full for having you, you treated us as not only as your students, but as your children as well and we want you to know that we treat you as our second parents..Please forgive us for all the stress we caused to you..Thank you dear teachers!!!
Afaf and Hamza Amara
Palos Heights Sandbox students.

I know that we spoke in person yesterday, but I wanted to share in writing how much we have enjoyed our experience at Sandbox. Annie has been in your care since she has been 8 months old, and she has thrived in your environment. Now that she is old enough to express her feelings, she has told us many times how happy she is when she is at school, and how much she enjoys her teachers and classmates.  Without any prompting from us, she told me that she loves and will always remember Mrs. Katie, Mrs. Laura, Mrs. Aveece, Ms. Dawn, Ms. Alyssa, Ms. Felisa, and Mrs. Clark. We would be remiss if we didn’t mention that not only was Mrs. Clark a wonderful director, she also helped Richie and I by providing words of wisdom, encouragement and parental guidance. She comforted Annie when she was sad and always had the right thing to say.

We couldn’t ask for a better environment for our children. Annie feels safe and loved at Sandbox. She’s a happy girl and she has been allowed to grow and develop her personality and strengths under the guidance of the Sandbox staff. Over 5 years ago when she started, I would never have thought I would feel so sad about her exiting Sandbox. She has thrived and we look forward to watching our other children do the same. Thank you for all you do. You embrace children and doing what’s best for their individual development, and Annie is evidence of what a wonderful program you have developed.

Please share this with the other staff members and the Sandbox owners.

Donna Driscoll