FAQs 3s & 4s (Preschool)

1.  Q.  Do preschool children learn to read and write?
A. Yes.  The preschool children are beginning the first steps of reading and writing.  They are learning the left to right progression of words, that print has meaning, that letters have shapes and sounds.

2. Q.  How many children are in a group with a teacher?
A. Up to 10 children may be with one teacher.

3. Q.  Do all the children learn everything at the same time?
A. No.  There are 7 different learning styles (way in which people learn best).  All people favor one or two, but can have a mix.  All children  go through all the learning stages but at their own rate of development.  (Example – some girls can often hold pencils or crayons correctly before some boys are able to master the challenge)

4. Q.  Is preschool necessary for children to be successful in kindergarten?
A. These days it is very helpful.

5. Q.  What if a preschooler struggles with the curriculum or the schedule?
A. If teachers feel that a child is not developing within any of the “normal” ranges, screening is recommended at the public school and help is obtained.

6. Do children like to go to preschool?
A. Most children love preschool.  However there is a small segment of this young population that suffers extreme separation anxiety.  Don’t worry!  We have experience and will solve this problem 99% of the time.

7. Q.   Are there parent/teacher conferences for preschool?
A. Yes.  Please come – they are offered twice yearly and help teachers and parents work as a team.

8. Q.   Are there report cards in preschool?
A. Progress reports are issued twice yearly and each child’s progress is also recorded in their individual portfolio.

9. Q.   Why is the cost of preschool/daycare so high?
A. There are many reasons why Quality Care is expensive.

  • Highly Qualified Staff
  • Very low staff turn over (annual raises)
  • Staff benefits (additional reason for low staff turnover)
  • Continued staff training 25 hours per year per teacher (paid)
  • Excellent curriculum
  • Ample Supplies
  • Healthy, nutritious food
  • Security system
  • Playground with ample inches of safe soft surfaces
  • Playground equipment
  • Excellent insurance coverage
  • Great Locations
  • Experienced in the practice of business