3′s & 4′s Additional Skill Development

3’s and 4’s are growing, developing and learning
at a very rapid rate in a variety of areas.

Social and Emotional

  1. Social and emotional  – developing a definite sense of self
  2. Demonstrating responsibility for self and other
  3. Understanding the necessity of rules and prosocial behavior
  4. Understanding their own feelings and the management of those feelings.

Gross Motor

Physical Development

  1. Include basic loco motor skills, balance, throwing, kicking and catching

Fine Motor

  1. Controls small muscles in the hands, coordinates eye to hand movement, uses tools for writing and drawing

Cognitive Development

  1. Developing learning and problem solving skills
  2. Logical thinking skills
  3. Beginnings of representation and symbolic thinking (pretend rolls, make believe with objects, etc)

Language Development

  1. Involving listening and speaking, expression, understanding directions, questions and answers
  2. Involving reading and writing and all of its components making meaning from print
  3. Understanding the purpose of writing.  Writing letters and words.