2/Teeny 3′s Room FAQ’s

2/Teeny 3’s ROOM
FAQ’s & Answers

1.        Q.  What is the staff to child ration in the 2/Teeny 3 room?
The DCFS rule is one teacher for every eight children.

2.       Q.  How does Sandbox help children with potty training?
Staff works with parents to determine and incorporate the same schedule and habits between home and school.

3.       Q.  Will my child be potty trained soon?
Every child is different and on their own schedule.  We work diligently with each child individually and celebrate individual success.

4.       Q.  What advice to give parents of potty training twos?
Be consistent, practice at home.  Be POSITIVE, praise and encourage.

5.       Q.  What do children learn in the 2/Teeny 3 room?
Language development, literacy and speech are blossoming.  Pretend play is starting.  Children are aware of others and their feelings.  Potty training is BIG.  Attention span is increasing, though still short.  Twos are still developing friendships.  Twos ask many questions.  Skills are developing; so is love of learning.

6.       Q.    What can parents do to help their 2’s be good learners?
Provide a variety of experiences.  Talk about the experiences and have the children talk about them, too.  Have conversations.  Teach them to use “words”, especially during frustration.  Make opportunities to encourage moving in both fine and large motor skills.  Limit TV watching – no more than one hour per day.