Infant Room FAQ’s

FAQ’s & Answers
1.  Q.  What kind of schedule do infants follow at Sandbox?
A. The infant room schedule at Sandbox meets the health, safety and nurturing needs of each baby as they occur.  Each baby follows his/her individual schedule.  Growth and development are nurtured all day long.

2. Q.  How will the parent know if their baby had a good day (eating, sleeping, eliminating, mood, etc)?
A. A daily report is given to the parent at “pick up time” regarding the day of each baby.

3. Q.  How are fussy babies handled?
A. Fussy babies are held, rocked, walked and possibly taken to a quiet area.  They are spoken to in a soothing way and given constant calm attention until the fussiness goes away.

4. Q.  What is the ratio of staff to babies?
A. The ratio is either 1 to 3 or 1 to 4 depending on the time of day.  Each baby is assigned to one caregiver, though all infant staff play/interact with, talk to, and help all little ones in the room.

5. Q.  How often are diapers changed?
A. Every two hours and whenever needed.

6. Q.    How is breast feeding handled?
A. Nursing moms pump breast milk and bring in a bottle for refrigeration.  All formula in bottles is refrigerated.  Gloves are worn when infants using breast milk are fed because breast milk is considered a body fluid.

7. Q.   What is the Sandbox illness policy in the infant room and what about a fever due to teething or immunization?
A. Teething and immunized babies often run a slight fever.  Sandbox is allowed to care for infants with a fever up to 101 degrees and to give Baby Tylenol or Motrin with written permission

        The Sandbox cannot care for children with a fever over 101 degrees. Should a fever rise to 101 degrees, parents will be called and asked to come and pick up ASAP.  The Sandbox illness policy clearly states that a child cannot return to the center until they have been fever free for 24 hours, unless there is a doctor’s signed note (on a prescription pad) stating the child has NO communicable illness.

        If a child is fever free, yet on medication (for example Amoxicillin for an ear infection), staff is allowed to administer the medication with written parental permission.

8. Q.   Can I call or visit when I have concerns or just the desire?
A. Anytime.  Parents are welcome to visit anytime.  Visiting is encouraged by the “Open Door Policy” for families.

9. Q.   Do all babies sleep at the same time?
A. All babies have individual schedules and sleep when they need it.  Some babies need more or less sleep than others.  This is always a consideration in the infant room.

10. Q.   What would you recommend for teething?
A. What sometimes works is all natural teething tablets such as Hyland.  They can be purchased at Walgreens, Target or Walmart.  Teething rings help along with gentle massaging of the cheek bones.

11. Q.   When would you recommend starting cereal/solid baby foods?
A. Always check with your pediatrician first.  All children grow and develop at different rates.  Generally speaking 5 to 6 months is a good starting age.  Rice cereal is easiest to digest.

12. Q.   Can you put my child on his or her stomach because they sleep that way at home?
A. For safety purposes and following state regulations as well as Sandbox Policies, we place the child on their back.  If they roll over on their own, then we will allow them to sleep in that position.

13. Q.   What type of activities do you do with the children to help their development?
A. We do supervised tummy time to help strengthen their neck muscles and upper body.  We provide support in order to strengthen their leg muscles and work on both fine and gross motor skills.  We sing to them and talk to them to work on communication skills.

14. Q.   What is your policy on parents bringing medicine?
A. The infant room is allowed to administer medicine; however, a form must be filled out and Sandbox keeps the medicine in a locked box.