Sandbox Kindergarten uses a stepped up academic program that is both advantageous and enjoyable for boys and girls of school age.


  • Full and half day classes
  • Daycare before and after kindergarten
  • Small class size
  • A longer day than traditional kindergarten
  • A stimulating and diversified program


  • Reading – Sandbox uses the Lippincott Reading Program – “Beginning to Read, Write & Listen”.  This program is a carefully structured program consisting of 24 books that encompass the 26 letters of the alphabet.  In each book the children will learn the names of the letters in the alphabet, how to write them, and what sound each letter represents.  The children will learn how to blend the letter sounds to form words and read simple stories.  This program is carefully structured so every concept is taught in sequence; each new skill that is introduced builds upon skills that have already been learned.
  • Math – Sandbox uses the “Math Their Way” program.  The goal of this program is to develop and understanding and to gain insight into mathematical patterns through the use of materials.  Emphasis is placed on the learning process rather than quick right answers.  Children are free to experience, to react, to think and thus to learn, grow, and change in “their way”.  Once skills have been mastered, the children use the “Mathematics in Action” workbook as a reinforcement activity.

Sandbox kindergarten also provides daily lessons in science, computer technology, art, music, health and safety, Spanish, and physical education – including opportunities to learn yoga and Tae Kwan Do.  A great emphasis is placed on friendships, kindness, fairness and developing a sense of self responsibility.

Sandbox kindergarten graduates enter first grade with the ability to read, write and progress.  They are confident, competent and have developed a love of learning.